Users can gain access and invest in 9 of the most popular currencies. These currencies have gained wide spread adoption and provides a nice middle ground between volatility and longevity

Margin Trading

We allow up to 5x leverage trading for traders to maximize their potential profit return.

Binary options

Our Binary trading platform will be launched to give users even more options when investing in this new and exciting market

Hong Kong is the biggest off-shore cryptocurrency exchange market in China.

Hong Kong has a huge potential for cryptocurrency exchange to develop under the Chinese government’s ban on cryptocurrency exchange activity. Trade volume in Hong Kong has significantly increased since the ban.


Closely regulated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

HKCCEX is the first Hong Kong-based wholly owned subsidiary of the OTC listed company Living3D Holdings Incorporation (LTDH). It is regulated by the official stock monitory authority of the United States. Stability and safety is always at our top priority.

We hope to bring you the easiest gateway to access the new age of financial market with our team of financial experts.